We know what you want: How they change your mind


The Author
Martin Howard has spent over fifteen years in the marketing field with over ten of them in Advertising Agencies. He has consulted to a range of organisations in the area of communications and design.

Author: Martin HowardHow they change your mind is Martin Howard's first book. It was inspired by the book Coercion, by Douglas Rushkoff.

While witnessing the decline of the traditional advertising agency he became interested in emerging forms of communication and stumbled upon the writings of Marshall McCluhan and others, who charted the profound but underestimated impact of electronic media. Now a strong advocate for media literacy, his interest is in making these theories accessible to average consumers and students.

His aim in this project is to encourage individuals to assess their own media environment and to reclaim their free will.

"...filled with engaging graphics and provocative but easy-to-follow guidelines for maintaining autonomy in a world made of marketing."
Douglas Rushkoff


We know what you want - the book