We know what you want: How they change your mind


Data Mining
Your medical records, political profile and spending habits can zip around the country two million times before you've had breakfast. The information about you that is available for sale might surprise you - it can attract unwanted attention from marketers, and if you're unlucky, you could get treated as a security threat at the airport.

“People are stunned to hear that one company has data files
on 185 million Americans.” Ralph Nader

Meet your Data Profile. It makes "choices" for you and shares your personal details, but you can't control it or change it. This electronic identity knows and influences your politics, beliefs, habits and credit rating. It is made possible by the new science of Data Mining.

Your computer also contains parts of your identity. As we increase our reliance on the Internet our web browsing and purchase habits can be recorded, tracked and distributed, in real time, to marketing firms and government. Automated conversation robots, surveillance technology and hidden computer software monitor your behaviour to help others influence your online activities.

You will find more on on this topic and other emerging manipulation techniques in Chapter Five - The Virtual Zone:

• Hijacking your Browser
• Voicemail Broadcasting
• Intelligent Agents
• Computer Games

"...filled with engaging graphics and provocative but easy-to-follow guidelines for maintaining autonomy in a world made of marketing."
Douglas Rushkoff

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